Monday, June 21, 2010

I just spent a week in Florida! It was very relaxing and a wonderful start to summer vacation. Yes, I've technically "started" summer vacation already, however, this was the first official trip (of 4!). Here's a list of what we did, in case your curiosity is running:

1. Sitting at the beach for extended periods of time.
2. Snorkeling in Key Largo at John Pennekamp State Park

3. Went to a casino: Isle at Pompano Park - no I didn't win millions! I did come close once ($30!) but then I lost again.(I'll write about that in a later blog ... it was an experience all on it's own!
4. Sat by the pool & tiki hut for extended periods of time (with frozen goodies in hand!)

5. Went offshore fishing with two local guys on a boat called Lady Pamela II.
Cameron (David's cousin) caught a massive Warsaw Grouper:

6. Shopped at Bass Pro Shop. (Daddy would have been in heaven!)

7. Went to my first MLB game: TX Rangers & FL Marlins - Rangers won and I got on the big screen!

I think that's about it ... although there were probably things I've missed. What I enjoyed the most (since I'm doing this whole diet thing ...) was watching the sunrise over the ocean in the morning. I got up before most everyone else - unless George (David's dad) was going golfing - and went for a long walk on the beach. The sand there, by the way, is almost impossible to walk in so rest assured I got my exercise in!  Anyway, the sun was amazingly beautiful coming up over the ocean. I have, on occasion, done this at home too, however, the long narrow beaches in FL had a different look. Everything seemed 'flatter' and more spread out. I think it was because the beaches are longer there than in SC, but whatever the reason, it was simply amazing. God's faithfulness is like the sunrise - breathtaking, consistent, and timely. What a great reminder! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Diet is Not a 4-letter Word Anymore!

So I'm on a new journey ... Weight Watchers. No, I'm not going to the classes where you sit in a support group and weigh in in front of your fellow fatties friends. I joined online! It's really easy to keep up with everything there ... you just plug in the numbers. What you weigh, what your measurements are, what you eat - and the computer adds it all up. Last week I got started and was given 25 points and I lost 5 pounds. YAY!! This week, since I lost weight, they lowered my points. I'm OK with this though because I'm ready to be skinny.

Skinny and Kristen have probably never been in the same sentence together (me Kristen that is.) However, I'm determined. You see after I got married I gained ... are you ready for this? ... 20 pounds. YUCK! David is the chef around here, so I'm blaming him. Anyway, what I really want (besides skinny really)  is to be healthy.

I don't know if you've followed my blog much, but if you have you've noticed all the "pregnancy woes." Well, my doctor told me that the weight I've gained has probably added to my complications. So, he put me on birth control (to make everything regular) and said, "Is there any reason I should know about to explain the 20lbs in the last year?" I wanted to crawl in a hole, but instead I tried to laugh it off. I'm pretty good at cracking jokes on my self.. My rebuttal? "Oh yes sir! I know exactly why I gained that weight  ... I ate. Anything I wanted, whenever I wanted." I even shrugged my shoulders and said, "My bad!"  He laughed - only a little. So I'm on birth control to regulate myself, and I'm on a diet. The first time in the history of my life that I'm not dragging my feet about it! I guess it's not a four-letter word for me anymore. My complications? It wasn't PCOS so the metformin didn't really do anything for my hormones except make me a little crazy, and the dysplasia is not going away which means "Girl Doctor" visits every 3 months (an you thought your life was hard!) As you can see, the focus has switched from BABIES to HEALTHY.

I'm so thankful that God granted me a little bit of patience (refer to previous blog) with this prior to my last doc visit, or I might just be really sad. You know, God's pretty big, pretty smart, and pretty right - all the time. If you don't know him, you should. If you are scared, don't be. If you're doing things alone, you don't have to. I don't know where I'd be in all of this without him. Where are you? Hope you have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Not Pregnant :)

I have the most amazing cousins ever! We recently had the opportunity to get together to see Elizabeth (3rd from right) and her family one more time before they left for Japan. Her husband Ben is in the marines. I'm so glad we got a good picture before she left!  We, the cousins, are at the time in our lives when we are having our own babies. Family get-togethers are revolving around them - how cute they are, how they're acting, what they need, etc. It's cool to see that - life is definitely a cycle and we are the "kids" anymore. Having lots of babies around now makes everything fun ... and gives us more reasons to get together ... which I love. So, speaking of babies, I have some news ...

NO, I'm not pregnant.

BUT, I'm totally at peace with it! You're probably thinking - wow, biiiig news! For me, though, that is big news. I'm learning in my life this idea of patience. I'm learning that "The end of a matter is better than it's beginning, so it's better to be patient than proud" Ecclesiastes 7:8. This is so true ... I was thinking that my plans were great - I took pride in my accomplishments and plans for my well organized life. The problem was that I didn't TRUST that God's plans for my life were better - I knew in my head they were, but I didn't trust it in my heart. Now, with some hiccups every so often, I know I was wrong.

David would insert the, "Oh My Gosh! She admitted she was wrong!" comment here. You can too if you'd like. :)

Anyway, I was. And God was right ... like always. So, while I'm thrilled for my cousins and LOVE their babies, I'm content without having one of my own right now. Besides, I couldn't go to Japan next year to visit Elizabeth with a baby - at least not as easily!