Friday, April 12, 2013

Prayer and a little DIY

David and I like to spend time during our week praying for the needs of our friends & family. If you are a friend or family ... that's you! We love you and know that the Lord loves you too! Sometimes, though, if we're being completely honest, we have trouble remembering your needs. We don't want to be those people who say "We'll be praying for you!" and then really never do ... they just use it as a nice thing to say. 
We know there is power in prayer. We've seen it in our lives, the lives of our friends, and in the lives of complete strangers in foreign countries. Jesus taught us how to pray in the Bible (go to Luke 11) with a very familiar prayer ... The Lord's Prayer. Jesus promises that if we ask with a pure heart, truly seeking God's will in the situation, we will get what we ask for. That's not to say God is a fanciful magician living up in the clouds ready to grant our every wish; but if we truly seek after His heart and pray for His plan to be worked out in our lives, He will give it to us! He ALWAYS answers our prayers and we've seen three answers: Yes, No, and Later. Be encouraged that He hears you when you truly seek Him with your whole heart and He loves taking care of His children!

So, in order to present our requests to the Lord, and to honor our promises to our family & friends that we'll pray for them, we needed a way to keep up with it! There was also a nice empty space on the wall just asking to be filled! Since I just LOVE to use my great craft room and David is out of town this weekend, I decided that it was definitely time for this project! I have pics of the materials you'll need at the end of this post in case you'd like to make one of your own!

 I started with three small canvases that were on clearance at Tuesday Morning! Then I headed to Lowe's for some spray paint and finally to Wal-Mart for the mini clothespins & the cork board. I already had twine, chipboard letters & clear pushpins in my craft room. When I got home I glued the letters to the canvases with super glue and spray painted them green. While they were drying, I tied a little burlap bow and hot glued it to the top of the cork board. Then I tied 4 small single strand twine bows. I glued one on top of the burlap bow as an accent - it's hard to see in the pictures - and saved the others for later. Next, I glued the 6 mini clothespins to the cork board. Since the paint was still not very dry (I guess I can thank the lovely humid lowcountry weather we have for that) I decided to make little cards to match. I just printed them on cream cardstock on my home computer. Once the cards were done, I cut them apart, found a little accent bucket & placed them on the side of the nightstand next to the wall where the Prayer Board would go. Finally the paint was dry. I tied 4 strands of twine together 3 times and hot glued them to the back of the 3 canvases. I used these twine ties as a way to hang the canvases with a clear pushpin. The small twine bows I was saving were used to hot glue to the clear push pin to disguise it on the wall. the cork board is attached with 3M hanging strips centered under the canvases.  It was a fun DIY project for today's rainy afternoon. (don't worry, I spray painted outside between the showers and let the paint dry in the garage ... no fumes in this house!) So, here are the pictures! Maybe you can make one for your family! And remember, we're praying for you!

Materials you'll need: